4 tips for all mothers

Every mom gets a little over stressed when her child goes through some serious or less serious virous , flu, or cold.

The way to overcome stress is the knowledge and proper preparation.

Do not give Anti-fever medicine continuously

Fever is a symptom that shows that something is happening in the body. High temperature isn't always something serious. Viruses cause very high fever. The anti-pyretic medicine doesn't inhibit the fever, but the closer to the fever's peak you get the antipyretic, the faster it’ll gets down.

Take care of the cold immediately

From the first days of a simple cold, proceed to child's nazal wash with saline solution, in order to remove the nose’s discharge. Act proactively by cleaning the kid's nose to avoid the extra bacteria of this season.

Do Not Use Spoon for Antibiotics

Although normally one teaspoon corresponds to 5 ml, using a spoon for the dosage of medicines in liquid form you may not give the right dose to the child. Therefore, you should always use the measuring jug or a syringe with which you can accurately measure the dose.

Use and clean the inhaler device properly.

When the doctor indicates the use of inhalers to confront the problem, make sure you use the device properly to take the inhaled spray and take care of the appropriate cleaning. For example, aeolos is an antistatic air chamber with a one-way valve and is used for the efficient administration of inhaled medicines.

The amount of medicine deposited in the oral cavity and throat is significantly reduced with the use of aeolos and is even better absorbed into the lungs.

Instructions of Use AEOLOS

  1. Prior to each use you must check visually the chamber's interior. If you find out any flaw, the device should be replaced.
  2. Remove the cap from the dosing inhaling device, shake well and insert it into the chamber.
  3. Apply the mask on the face and confirm that there will be no loss during the inhalation.
  4. Press the dosing inhaling device while the patient breathes in slowly. If the whistle is sound, then the inhalation should be slower. During the inhalation, the inhalation indicator moves towards the patient, while they inhale normally.
  5. The mask should remain applied on the patient's face for 5-6 inhalations by the administration of 1 spray.

Do not forget the proper cleaning of the device:

  1. Remove the rear part of the chamber
  2. Immerse all the parts of the chamber in warm water and soft cleaning solution. ATTENTION! Avoid to rub the chamber's parts with a cloth or sponge.
  3. Rinse off the chamber's parts with clean water. Or you may remove all the chamber's parts and put them on the top shelf of the dishwasher (up to 70° C) at standing position.
  4. Put the chamber's parts on vertical position at a dry surface to dry. ATTENTION! Avoid to dry the chamber's parts with a cloth or paper tissue.
  5. Prior to the re-assemby of the chamber be sure that every part is dry.
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